What Rough Beasties, sonnets 6 & 7

Two last Beastie Boys/Yeats sonnets:


VI: Ch-Check It Out filtered through The Circus Animals’ Desertion
(To the Five Boroughs, 2004)

In the wake of the smoke,
              the two towers down,

they rap of a fused
              city unfurling

from the ashes, a far
              cry from the clowning

of girls, all I really
              want is girls…

Now, even their jokes
              speak volumes. Check

it out: in the clip,
              they materialize

on the street in shiny
              tight Star Trek

gear. But when their work
              is done they realize

that no magic word—
              no shazam or

abracadabra—can beam them
              up to their ship.

With their ladders gone,
              most would feel in a jam or

just plain screwed. But the boys are content
              in the rag & bone shop

of the streets: the towers
              down, the shaken

crowds dispersing, the city
              ambushed but unbroken.


VII: Make Some Noise filtered through Sailing to Byzantium
(Hot Sauce Committee, 2011)

The three, hopping out
              of a girl-filled limo &

swiping champagne
              from a restaurant, stall

before the Dolorian.
              The “wind” is a canned

Western effect, the wolf
              & raven calls

alien in the cityscape.
              Then out steps—poof!—

their future selves. Awkward
              silence, then the two

groups—six B-Boys—
              have words. For the dance-off

they lay down the mat
              & get down to

work: simple top rocking
              leads to the windmill,

the worm… Rap, you might think,
              is no country

for old men, but this dance floor
              shows they got it still,

though grandpa
              been rappin since ’83.

An old man’s just a coat on a stick
              unless he proves

that the kid he was
              can show him new moves.

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