What Rough Beasties, sonnet #3

Here’s the third sonnet from the third B-boys album. Nuff said:

III. So What’cha Want filtered through Sailing to Byzantium
(Check Your Head, 1992)

The filter warps
              Ad-Rock’s whine to distortion,

exaggerates MCA’s rasp
              which almost drowns

the whorl of the organ’s
              loop. The thermal

video fizzles the cobalt
              sky to pixels

so that the landscape,
              through the ankle-height

camera, approximates
              their contorted voices:

the spires of pines,
              like reverse lighting,

shoot up from the ground
              as three city boys

ramble through the woods,
              spreading their arms (What

cha want?) like birds
              about to take off. The film

cuts to magma, twister,
              flood. This is not,

they insist, about now:
              they swagger through elms,

past boughs more bleached
              than gold to sing & rhyme

not what’s past or passing,
              but what’s to come.

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