3 new poems in Connotation

Check ’em out here:


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New poem in The American Journal of Poetry

So happy to have a poem in this new issue of The American Journal of Poetry, which is just packed with excellent authors and poems.

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A Jar of Moon Air


I so happy to announce that it’s finally here: my translation (with Alejandro Merizalde) of Jaime Sabines’ work is out in the world! This book has been 12 years in the making. Check it out here:



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A New Poem in Brooklyn Review

You can check it out here.

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A poem to remind us of spring, as I’m about to head off to school in 20 degrees: Off The Coast

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Roads Taken

So pleased to have some poems in the beautiful new anthology edited by Sydney Lea and Chard deNiord: Roads Taken: Contemporary Vermont Poetry. What an amazing crowd to be a part of.


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New Bone Music review up at The Lake…

along with a new poem. You can check them out here:


JPEG Bone Front Only


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