A Jar of Moon Air


I so happy to announce that it’s finally here: my translation (with Alejandro Merizalde) of Jaime Sabines’ work is out in the world! This book has been 12 years in the making. Check it out here:



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A New Poem in Brooklyn Review

You can check it out here.

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A poem to remind us of spring, as I’m about to head off to school in 20 degrees: Off The Coast

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Roads Taken

So pleased to have some poems in the beautiful new anthology edited by Sydney Lea and Chard deNiord: Roads Taken: Contemporary Vermont Poetry. What an amazing crowd to be a part of.


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New Bone Music review up at The Lake…

along with a new poem. You can check them out here:


JPEG Bone Front Only


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A new poem in The Manhattan Review

Thank to editor Philip Fried for including my poem, “Practicing” in this issue, along with work by D. Nurkse, Hal Sirowitz, Baron Wormser, and others.

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Song of Myself Aloud

It was so exhilarating to read a handful of sections of “Song of Myself” with 7 other readers over the past two weekends. Whitman’s poem just came ALIVE!


Thanks to Bill Drislane for the invite. What a thrill to inhabit those words, and to hear the poem aloud from start to finish.

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